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Monthly Archives: August 2008

  • 1965 Blackface Fender Deluxe Reverb... The Holy Grail?

    Just arrived... one of THE nicest original '65 Deluxe Reverbs we've seen. All original except for the new 3 prong power cable and a some coupling caps. Check out the pictures for yourself. This one isn't going to last long...
  • What's It Worth? Determining value...

    When customers come into the store there is always one thing looming in the back of their brain.... "Is this a good deal?" Well, a good deal to one may not be for all. At least emotionally. When dealing with collectables or any "vintage" item, how does one really know the monetary worth? Answer: Supply and Demand.

    Years ago, before EBAY and the internet in general, instrument buying was a game of wits and brazen sales tactics. Buyers would hunt down garage sales like weekend warriors looking for that sought-after piece. Although we kid ourselves today and think that an obscure ad in the local paper or a country garage sale is going to warrant a '58 Telecaster on the cheap, most likely you are going to pay what it's worth.

    The reason for this is the glorious world wide web. The internet has completely leveled the playing field for instrument buying and selling. Now you can log-on and see exactly what others are paying for a similar item and why. The internet is always current which allows the market to express immediately any change in interest, dollar value, and market waves.

    Ebay has become the closest form to a buyer's price guide in comparison to previous physical price guides released. The reason? Immediacy. A lot of the price guides in the past were compiled months if not a year before they hit your local store. They were automatically outdated. The other flaw is that these books are based on what individuals were paying at a vintage guitar show...aka...collectors. A minority at best in the newly flooded market of guitar buying. Now potential buyers can simply search "completed auctions" on Ebay and see exactly what the market value of instruments are by averaging what the last four similar pieces sold for.

    What do I mean?

    If 24 people bid up to $1600 for a player's grade 1965 Fender Mustang..... guess what, that's what it's "worth." Now of course the "vintage" market is fickle and filled with obessive fine tooth combed collectors. But for "players" instruments (anything less than NOS or Mint yet containing all of its original parts) Ebay has become the general rule for "actual value."

    There are plenty of good online resources to help date and identify your instruments, which we will get to in another segment. In the meantime, become an educated buyer by seeing what others value your instrument at and trust the buying community. This will help you in determining whether or not you are getting a "good deal." The emotional part... well, I am sure you can find help with that online as well....

    -Matt Welsh MAIN DRAG MUSIC

  • Deagan Vibes... a warm approach to hip

    The model is the Deagan 1100, Aurora II

    It is probably from the mid to late 60’s (they were produced from ‘64-’75) and is generally considered one of the best vibes ever made. There is some separation in the end panels though this is only cosmetic. The bars are in amazing condition and in good tune, damper smooth and well felted, the cording is good and the motor quiet. Overall, it could use some cleaning but it’s really nice.

    Priced at $3400 come in and play 'em...

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