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Monthly Archives: January 2009

  • Been a long time since I've rock n rolled....

    Well friends... here we go. I haven't written here in a while. Main Drag Music has been busier than ever and I have found myself working more and more on an upcoming music project. But in my time off of the blog-o-sphere... I have been finding some amazing examples of what other people spend their time on.... (all music related of course) ENJOY!


    Here is a guy that is completely fed up with being older than he "should be." He doesn't have time for music anymore and he sure as hell doesn't have time to list all of his gear individually.....

  • Casper Electronics now available at MAIN DRAG

    Check out Casper Electronics here at MAIN DRAG MUSIC.  Currently we are selling his circuit bent speak and spells but will be getting more things soon.  Stop on by and check one out.  Here is a recent interview with the man himself, Pete Edwards. CLICK on the image below. 

    You can find more about Pete and Casper Electronics HERE


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