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Monthly Archives: August 2009

  • New drum guy's feature in Drummer Magazine

    Hey all,

    Check out this feature on our new drum guy, TJ, in Drummer Magazine.  Not only does he know his drums, he plays in a hot up-and-coming NYC band.  Check em out!

    Drummer, Feb 09, TJ feature

  • Neil Peart's first Slingerland drumset up for auction!


    Here's what Main Drag's own John Fell has to say about it...

    "Up for bidding is Neil Peart’s first Slingerland drum set purchased shortly after he joined Rush in late 1974 and used through the recording of 2112. It’s featured on the subsequent live album, All the World’s a Stage, both as a photographic centerpiece on the cover and sonically on the tracks. Peart’s solo on Working Man/Finding My Way from All the World’s a Stage is one of the most well known Drum solos in the world of Rock Drumming, and was introduced by Geddy Lee saying, “The Professor on the drum kit!” This set was also used to record Fly by Night, Caress of Steel, and as mentioned, their commercial breakthrough 2112. This is one of the most iconic drum sets from the world of Rock music and was highly influential--following the release of All the World’s a Stage drummers everywhere studied the cover photo and copied the setup, not to mention Peart’s style. Again, this is the very same drum set that was used on the record and is shown on the cover. It was played at first without the four concert toms, which were added later, circa 1975.

    There are a total of 11 drums and this set DOES NOT INCLUDE THE SNARE. The sizes are as follows: 6, 8, 10, 12” Concert Toms in Copper Wrap, (2)9x13, 10x14, 16x16, (2)14x22 and a 13” Timbale all in Chrome Wrap. There are tom holders on the bass drums; a Slingerland Set-O-Matic on the Stage Right drum and a Ludwig Rail-Consolette mount on the Stage Left drum.

    The heads, with the exception of the 10x14, are all-original and in the same tuning as the set was received. They consist of Evans Rocks on the toms (Mirror Glass batters, clear blue, like Hydraulics on resonant side), Ludwig Silver Dots on the concert toms, and Remo CS’s on the Batter side of the bass drums. The bass drum resonant heads are one of the more interesting features of the set in that they have the original silver foil appliqué saying “RUSH” on each head as well as “Neil” on Stage Right and “Peart” on Stage Left.

    Prior to this auction, we debated whether or not to restore this set, and the decision was to tidy it up without making any changes to its condition, e.g. replacing heads, hardware, etc.. If the auction winner wishes to have it restored it is their decision solely as this cannot be undone. The set is exactly as it was last used by Mr. Peart; there have been no modifications, head changes (except as noted), etc.. The condition of the drums varies, but all are quite used. They’ve obviously been cased in transport as the scratches and rash are all from contact with each other or adjacent hardware while set up and being played, not from abuse. There is surprisingly little pitting on the chrome finish and they polished up nicely. The shells appear to be round and healthy, though we decided to leave the drums assembled so as to maintain their character as played by Mr. Peart; we can’t say much about the condition internally. The heads are all worn, but intact and still in tune! The Stage Right bass drum resonant head was badly torn and repair attempted presumably by Mr. Peart and crew. The mic holes at 12 o’clock on each bass drum resonant head were framed with silver duct tape, which is now quite brittle and frayed.

    There are no stands included in this auction; it is for the shells only, and the spurs are not original Slingerlands, though the brackets are. The floor tom legs appear to be original, as do all of the mounts, lugs, tension rods, and heads, except where noted on the 10x14”

    This kit was won in 1987 in a Modern Drummer Magazine drum solo contest as judged by Neil Peart. The winner of the contest is keeping the original copy of the letter Mr. Peart sent him along with the set, but a photocopy will be provided to the winner of this auction.

    This drumset is being sold as is. Bidders are responsible for asking any questions that might pertain to the value, perceived or otherwise during the auction. This is a one of a kind artifact; its authenticity is unquestionable, and the final sale is non-refundable.

    Winner of auction is responsible for shipping or pickup, FOB 330 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY. The seller will aid the winner in any way possible, but will not be responsible for the packing or shipping of the item. Upon release of the item to the winner, a shipper, broker, or third party authorized by the winner, the seller ends all responsibility for the safety of the item in shipment. We can refer the winner with a shipping company that specializes in high-end insured transport of instruments and are happy to do so at the end of the auction.

    Thank-you for your interest."

    up for auction on ebay 8/2


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