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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  • Pat Explains An Ampeg Echo Jet

    Check out Pat explaining the mysterious Ampeg Echo Jet. This rare Ampeg can not produce reveb as a stand alone amp but can produce reverb when paired with a second amplifier. WATCH!

  • The Return of the Black Dahlia

    Now that the new Dunnett snare strainer is in, Norman, Shanna and I are going to be cranking out some of these little numbers.  They're available on an order only basis, are done only one way, and come in any color you want as long as it's black.

    The sound is somewhat like a Black Beauty but a little fuller. They have a lot range tuning wise and I've got to say that I'm really proud of how good they sound as well as the number of well known and discerning players who own them.

    One other thing that I want to say with some humility:  These snares are built from parts - I'm not in the back of the store rolling shells, casting hoops, and machining lugs and strainers.  But that doesn't take away from how awesome they sound and look, and it took a lot of failures before getting the formula right. I wish that I had access to a bigger shop so that I could build some drums from scratch, but honestly I don't know if they'd sound as good as these do.  Drop in and check one out and I'm sure you'll be psyched.

    John Fell

  • Just in... Emu Mo' Phatt

    Your studio just isn't complete until you too have a 64-Voice "Urban Dance" Synth - and that's exactly what the Emu Mo' Phatt is!

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