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Monthly Archives: March 2012

  • Dr. Balls is IN...

    These are some great looking (and sounding) clones from NASA's mad scientist, Dr. Balls. Pictured left to right: Ballsmaster, much like a Dallas Rangemaster, with multi-tap range settings and germanium transistors; the Balls MKii (Sola-Sound MKII Professional Tone Bender, also germanium); and Octa-Balls, an Octavia-type fuzz. Read more about these pedals and Dr. Balls HERE.

  • A Facelift for the Drum Department

    We recently added a new counter for the drum department in order to have someone on hand to answer questions and show people gear.  And expect to see some new faces working there.

    And we moved the snare rack so that's it'll hold more snares, be easier to check out, and just to move things around a little for the spring. Come by and check out some of the awesome snares, drumsets, and cymbals we've been adding daily.  We've currently got over 60 snares and 30 or more sets!

  • Dewanatron!

    We've been getting more and more into wild noise-making devices, and this one is a beauty! It's a Swarmatron by Dewanatron, and it is quite a unique piece. Any instrument that turns on with a key is worth checking out...

    From the website:

    "The Swarmatron was created to produce eight tones tuned approximately to one note, each tone slightly different in pitch to produce a complex and natural choral effect.
    These eight oscillators can be played with a single ribbon controller (variable resistor) to move the pitch center up or down.
    The span control expands the sound of a swarm of eight notes spread just a few cents apart into a wide chord of equidistant pitches spread over the entire spectrum. The player can "taffy pull" the resulting chord by using the span control and pitch ribbon in tandem.
    Swarms of sine waves evoke swarms of angels congregating. Swarms of sawtooth waves evoke the swarming of bees. The sound of a host of voices, earthly or unearthly, has a unique character recognized by the ear even when they are folded together in unison."

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