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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • ...And along comes Baby

    Not long after the last post, we came into a Binson Echorec Baby! These guys are quite rare, and it's a real treat to have such amazing sounding gear down here at the store. These have to be heard to be believed, so come down and listen for yourself!Image

  • Hello Echo

    We just got in a couple of super rare echo machines, a Watkins Copicat dating back to '64, and a Binson Echorec B2! And they both sound incredible in their own special tube-driven ways. The Watkins has two inputs,three selectable playback heads, as well as a lush reverb. The Binson has three inputs and three outputs, and a 12-position rotary switch that chooses from between one playback head to several heads to get multi-tap delays.

    More photos: The Watkins, The Binson



  • Hail to Sweden

    In continuing the epic guitar group shot theme, here are some sweet Swedes (and some Vikings, a Model I bass, and pair of Model II guitars including a 12-stringer). Skål!


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