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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • Sales Thanks/Hard Puncher

    Thanks to everyone who came out and took advantage of our Dog Days Sale last week, we had a blast and enjoyed our busiest week ever!

    In other news, we have in our store an early 80s Tokai Hard Puncher! This is a copy of a 70s Precision bass, and the quality and price of these knockoffs gave Fender and others a run for their money (at a fraction of the price). It's rainy and slow today, so come down and plug this guy in!

  • Dog Days Sale Continues Through Friday!

    Our Dog Days Sale continues through this Friday, August 24th! Here's a rundown on some of the killer deals:

    • 10% off of all new supplies and accessories
    • 10% (unless otherwise marked) off all new & used effects pedals
    • 10% off all new & used cymbals; 15% off with purchase of cymbal and snare drum together
    • 10% off all new & used snares; 15% off with purchase of snare and cymbal together
    • 10% off new Alvarez guitars
    • 10% off new Epiphone guitars
    • 10% off all Ukeleles
    • 20% off all new Electro-Harmonix
    • 20% off all new Ampeg
    • 20% off all new modular synths
    • 20% off all new Moog products
    • 25% off all new Loar and Recording King guitars
    • 25% off all new Gold Tone instruments
    • 30% off all new Studio Projects products

    All this as well as deals on used and vintage gear across the store!


    Today is the day!! Screw the rain and save!

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