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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • If your amp is water damaged

    A lot of people had flooding in their practices spaces and homes. If you have a tube or solid state amp that was water damaged, DO NOT POWER IT ON! Not only is it dangerous, but you can cause more damage to the amp. We have set up a drying area here in the shop for amp evaluations. Mercury Magnetics (as they did in the Nashville flood) very kindly are offering their services. Wet transformers will be sent to their facility to be dried and tested for free, minus shipping cost. If a transformer is damaged, rewinding will be done at a highly discounted price. Not only are on they on the right side of tone, but once again, helping the music community. I can't stress it enough, be safe and never plug in water damaged gear. Email me if you have any questions. Pat@maindragmusic.com




    We are back, everything is safe and sound here at the store and we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

    We hope you are all doing well, and for your viewing pleasure, a 1969 Les Paul Custom. It's easy on the eyes, no?

  • We're back in action......

    ......and it's business as usual here at the old Main Drag, and we sure hope that those of you who've been clobbered by winds and water are recovering.  And as electricity is important to lots of us, those without are unable to play.  While we don't specialize in disaster relief per se if you need an outlet to plug in a phone, computer, or desperately need to plug into an amp, c'mon down and we'll help. 

    Best to all, 


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