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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Stanton Moore - A Private Clinic - Sat, Aug 10th - 11AM


    We're very excited to have one today's best drummers in for a private clinic. You know how big the space is here, so tickets are strictly limited.

    Plus, we're giving a brand new snare away courtesy of Gretsch!




    We have a special treat coming up this Wednesday, July 24th at 6PM

    Our pals at Critter & Guitari are dropping by to host a fun ride through the land of their most colorful products!

    Join us for an hour of delight as the makers make merry with the micro mini mirth machines.

    PLUS!! We're giving away a Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop to one lucky attendee !!!

    This should be a fun one!

  • The most perfect vintage Ludwig kit EVER!


    This set kills me. It's from April, 1964, plus or minus, which is to say immediately after a little band called The Beatles invaded from Britain on February 9. Thanks to Ringo's patronage the orders for Ludwig sets were really rolling in and you see some interesting variations from Ludwig due to the the overworked assembly line and parts supply.

    The color is that perfect combination of Sky Blue Pearl that's faded into a.....well......Sky Green Pearl.....Sea Foam Pearl.....I dunno, but the color in it's present state is one Ludwig should have offered.  And the hardware is all nickel, which has the lustrous silvery-gray color that is lacking in a perfect chrome. Every tension rod, nut, wing nut, wing bolt, bat mufflers, tom mount, and hoops are plated with this beautiful metal, and unlike so many many nickel specimens, this one hasn't been cleaned with coarse steel wool, killing its sheen. And I'm currently looking for a period correct, nickel shell mount cymbal arm to go into the bracket on the bass drum. The early '68 13/16/22" shells are as perfect as the hardware and the bass drum hoops are miraculously clean. And the sound is just unbelievable.  This is the perfect vintage Ludwig kit.

    Come on down and check them out, or if you can't, here it is on the site with two more pics: http://www.maindragmusic.com/drums-percussion/vintage-used/kits/1963-ludwig-super-classic-13-16-22-blue-sky-pearl.html

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