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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Ottaviano Cymbals Have Landed!

    The landscape of cymbal manufacturers has evolved greatly in the last ten years. It used to be that Zildjian, Sabian, and Paiste were the three main choices with a couple of smaller companies picking up some business on the fringe. I remember going to see Art and Tony in the early '80's and they were doing their thing on a bunch of heavy A's - ostensibly rock cymbals. Were they still of this earth, my guess is that they as well as others of their ilk would have found their way back to something a little drier and more complex as this sound became available again.


    Changing tastes have led to the ascent of many small, boutique-y cymbal manufacturers that specialize in variants of what would broadly be referred to as "that old K sound." We've got a bunch of smaller cymbal companies represented here at Main Drag, and we're happy to announce a new offering: Ottaviano.  http://ottavianocymbals.com/home.html


    Hit the link for more detailed info on the man and his work, but the best thing to do is to come in and check these out in person. These are some beautiful pies, my drumming friends, and would be suitable for a jazz, lower volume rock, or any situation where they could be heard in their splendor. Justin Ottaviano is up to some seriously hip cymbal making and if you're looking for something dark, complex, shimmery, and uncommonly expressive have a poke at these hand made beauties!





  • Perfect back-to-school gift for drummers - Ludwig Element Icon Kit - Everything you need to get started

    It used to be that getting something from a manufacturer's value range meant getting a product that was compromised in one way or another. These days, however, advances in technology have provided us with some incredible values when it comes to entry-level instruments.

    Case in point is Ludwig's Element Icon all-in-one kit package. For just $729, you get everything you need to start playing drums. Kick drum, Snare, rack and floor toms, a complete set of cymbals, and all the hardware you need including a kick drum pedal. You even get a throne!

    The best part is the kit is really well made, and will not only last for years, but will satisfy even seasoned veterans. Birch shells give the sound you want, and all hardware is double-braced, so you won't be let down during gigs and heavy practice sessions.

    Hardware is all double braced for solid playability

    In addition to the Wine Sparkle color shown above, you can get this kit in three other finishes, Blue, Black and White, all sparkle finishes that will look great in any situation.

    Come in and see and hear for yourself just what kind of bang for your buck you can get from Ludwig. And remember we ship to the US and Globally.



  • Roland VP-330! Freshly-serviced and ready to go!

    Oooooooohhhhhhhh! Long before autotune soiled the musical landscape, vocal tricks were conjured using real gear like vocoders. Arguably the best of the bunch is this increasingly rare Roland VP-330. We just gave it a full refresh in our service department and it's ready to robotize voices for years to come.

    Roland VP-330 - freshly serviced - $3500

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