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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Ultra-Rare "Special" Fender XII has landed at Main Drag


    This is actually the best sounding and playing XII we've seen... and so light!

    It's stamped "Special" on the headstock and body. This was something Fender did at the factory. They would hand-pick the best ones and lend them to artists and dealers to show them what they were working on, or bring them to mercantile conventions such as NAMM.


    This was the first guitar of its kind. Not the first 12-string electric, but the first that was a 12-string from its inception. The Rick 12 was just a 6-string that they aded 6 tuning keys to. The fretboard really wasn't wide enough, it wasn't as intonatable, etc.

    Fender, being the master innovators they were, corrected all of the problems the Rick faced. Here was a 12-string that offers superior tone, playability, and features a bridge system that is fully intonatable AND height adjustable! In fact, Fender spent so much time doing R & D that by the time they came out with the XII, the craze was over.


    Every time you hear a 12-string on a Who record, it's this guitar. It was also the 12-string heard on every Zeppelin record, after LZ II. Page used the doubleneck live, but that is a Fender XII on Stairway To Heaven.

    This example is all original, except the ceramic tone cap was replaced with a bumblebee paper oil cap. Those ceramic caps suffer from volume loss when you roll the tone off. Paper and oil caps do not suffer from that and have a much smoother and natural tone roll-off. Very good condition, with normal wear from playing. Comes with gig bag.

    Check it out, complete with full-size photos, in our catalog here - http://www.maindragmusic.com/1966-fender-electric-xii.html


  • Crumar Party

    Welcome to poly-synth heaven. We currently have an awesome selection of vintage Crumar synths. If you're not familiar, Crumar is an Italian company that made synthesizers in the 70's and 80's. Overshadowed by competition of the more popular American and Japanese synths of the time, these synths are now regarded just as highly. These machines are full of thick analog goodness that will make your soft-synths cry. They sound amazing and are characteristic to themselves making them stand out and will compliment any existing studio or stage setup (and despite my previous sentence, they will play nice with your soft-synths). Come by and try them.

    15349_00 Crumar Roady
    15525_00 Crumar Orchestrator
    15095_00 Crumar Symphonizer
    15630_00 Crumar T1
  • New From Earthquaker Devices: Arpanoid + The Depths


    One of our favorite pedal companies (and many of our customer's favorites too!) Earthquaker Devices just sent us a bunch of goodies and we are excited about their new offerings. Earlier this year the Ohio based company announced their newest pedals to the growing family of Earthquaker pedals: The Depths and Arpanoid.

    Keeping up with their innovative pedal designs, these classic effects take on new features and instruments, in the case of the Arpanoid. The Arpanoid is an arpeggiator for guitar (or anything you want to feed it). Achieve synth like sweeping arpeggios in all shapes and variations, think Pink Floyd. The Depths is their rendition of a classic optical vibe. The intensity and rate knobs are capable of larger ranges than your typical vibe pedal allowing for new flavors and it takes variable power anywhere from 9V - 18V for different tones.

    Our pedal board featuring every EQ Devices effects box! Our pedal board featuring every EQ Devices effects box!

    We also just got in a pedal board featuring every Earthquaker effect. Lots to play around with, and some very cool sounds to explore. Grab your guitar and come by the store to try out these awesome pedals if you haven't had a chance to dive into this company, you won't be disappointed.

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