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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • MDM Macro Madness - Identify the gear - win a Main Drag T-Shirt!

    Here's the first installment in what will be a monthly affair - and hopefully it will be as fun as it is simple!

    All you have to do to have a chance to win a Main Drag T-shirt in your choice of color and size is correctly identify the following 5 bits of juicy gear from our catalog.  Of course to make it a little bit more challenging, I'm only showing you a choice slice of the action.

    To enter, send the names of the 5 items to contest@maindragmusic.com by Tuesday, November 5th.  We'll pick 2 winners at random from the correct entries and send them one of our swank MDM Ts!

    OK - on your marks, get set - identify!

    Item 1


    Item 2


    Item 3


    Item 4


    Item 5



    Good Luck!  Winners will be announced Wednesday, Nov 6th


  • New At Main Drag Music: SolidGoldFX

    We're still coming down from the high of the Stomp Box Exhibit. Thanks to all of the pedal vendors, The Deli Magazine, and all of you who came down and tried out some new effects, it was a wild success (stop by our Facebook to check out the photos from the madness!). Among the many new pedals we are now carrying at Main Drag Music, we've been big fans of SolidGoldFX. They make really great effects equipped with awesome features and they sound amazing. Check them out on the website, and remember we offer free shipping on new pedals! Check back as we'll be introducing more of the new brands we are now carrying.

    Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 3.10.30 PM

  • smallsound/bigsound and Earthquaker - Proof that size only matters to foolish fools!

    Brains, creativity and soldering irons collide headfirst with cutthroat competition on the battlefield that is the prime real estate of your pedalboard!

    Maybe that's a little Game of Thrones, but the wonderful thing about the ever-growing landscape of pedalburg is that we all win with so many talented makers out there.

    Two such manufacturers, smallsound/bigsound and Earthquaker, prove you don't have to be a multinational to be substantial players in the field.


    smallsound/bigsound is out of Philly, and is the brainchild of musician Brian Hamilton. Famous for the somewhat rudely-monikered Fuck Overdrive fuzz pedal, smallsound/bigsound have added a range of fuzz and overdrive pedals to their arsenal, each with a distinct character of their own.

    I asked Brian about what makes his lineup so distinctive. "I find myself approaching conventional effects in some slightly unconventional ways. My philosophy has been to try and fill in niches that I see in the effects world. When I first started making the TAFM [Team Awesome Fuzz Machine], there were very few clean-blend bass fuzzes on the market and there isn't another pedal that does exactly the same thing as the Fuck. I always strive to extend the range of the pedals i'm working with to get the most variety I can, even pushing into unusable ranges. Something else that's important is that I've toured a lot with my band, Cymbals Eat Guitars, over the past few years and have gotten to hear my pedals in all sorts of different rooms, helping to inform future designs based on how my current pedals feel in a band setting. It's pretty abstract to have that information relate to new circuits, but I can really only start with sounds that get me really excited. if I'm not psyched about something, how can I expect others to feel it?"

    Brian will be bringing a brand-new prototype, which he describes as "loose and heavy sagging blown amp fuzz with 3-band tone control" - which I think translates into layman's terms as "F'in awesome!"

    Earthquaker Devices

    The best thing to come out of Akron, Ohio since Chrissie moved to London is Earthquaker Devices. We're huge fans of their pedals here at Main Drag, and are floored by the variety and quality that come out of such a grass roots operation. Jamie Stillman, a musician and former Tour Manager for bands such as the Black Keys, started making pedals when the pot broke on a beloved DOD pedal. With his wife Julie, and a small band of Merry Makers, the Earthquaker team have gone from strength to strength - currently producing an astounding 26 distinct pedals, with new ones arriving all the time. Most recently they released the Arpanoid, which in their words is "The first dedicated compact polyphonic pitch arpeggiator" - it sounds bloody incredible - if you can't make it to the show at least check it out in the video below.

    I asked Julie and Jamie what makes Earthquaker different. "I don't think a lot of people would have tried releasing pedals as weird as the Rainbow Machine or the Arpanoid. Both are very unique in our 'market', not a lot of other companies would take chances on something that. We stay away from doing clones. Also, we've never made a tube screamer so there’s that..."

    Earthquaker will have their entire range of pedals on display at the show this weekend, so even if you ignored the 1000 other reasons to attend, that alone makes it a must-see weekend event.

    For more on these guys, check out their websites (and the videos below)


    Earthquaker Devices



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