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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • Free Evans/Pro-Mark Drum Clinic At Main Drag Wednesday Night!


    The perfect sound. Its one of those things that we as musicians relentlessly strive for, and for some, rarely achieve. Luckily, in our quest to achieve tonal Nirvana, technology can level the field a little.  Case in point:  Evans and their ingenious new Level 360 Technology. The premise is simple - a drum head that fits easily over the shell and lays flush with the bearing edge makes for easy tuning and consistent tone. As the name implies, the heads are perfectly round as well, so even if your drum isn't ( i.e. vintage shells ) the head will resonate freely and give you wonderfully natural tone.

    After you've dialed your kit to 11 you're going to need the right tools to finish the job. Enter ProMark and the Select Balance line. Signature sticks are shaped and balanced to work with a particular player's technique. Thanks to ProMark, the rest of us now have the option to have a more rebound focused stick or something with a little more forward weight to help us lay into the skins with ease. Finding the right tools for the job has never been easier!

    Don't believe what I'm telling you? Thats cool, just swing by this Wed, the 30th, at 6pm to get schooled by Dick Markus, Evans and ProMark percussion guru. Along with demos of the new products, they are offering a free drumhead tuning clinic for all you weary tone junkies. Come by, meet some fellow drummers and get your tone game into the big leagues! Refreshments will be served.

  • Easter treats without the hunt - 20% off select colorful candies - sale in store only this Sunday


    We'll be open this Easter Sunday and while we won't be hiding eggs, we will be offering up the sweets at a candy-coated discount.

    For one day, this Sunday, come in, grab a handful of free candy and get 20% off our colorful Ukuleles and kids guitars.

    Also, nothing melts in your ear better than the LittleBits/Korg synth kit - also 20% off, but only in store.

    Hop on over and make sure to brush when you get home!

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