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    FROM TODAY, every new item we sell, from strings to towering bass amps, will ship free to any address in the United States.

    no matter how big or small, we'll get it to you at no extra charge, at prices that match anywhere else in the country

  • Main Drag Dog Days - Extended until Sunday, August 17th


    Our biggest ever sale! Come down to the store, or shop online

    New Gear from Major Brands up to 25% off!

    Vintage classics + unusual finds up to 50%

    We can't publicize a lot of our deals, but if you see anything you desire, new, vintage or used, come to the store, or call us and we'll set you up with an unbelievably low price.

    CALL NOW - 718 388 6365

    Plus! Sign up in store for a chance to win this brand new Silvertone u2 Guitar!

  • Ashdown Engineering Bass Amps - Now at MDM


    Back in the 90s, Trace Elliot Chief Engineer Mark Gooday decided to strike out on his own and Ashdown Engineering was born. Today their amps camp firmly at the crossroads of British sound and boom for a buck.

    Come down and have a listen, you'll be impressed how much lovely low you get for the price


    For all our Ashdowns, with photos and details, head over to our Amps page

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