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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • New Roland AIRA Modulars are in!

    The new Roland Modular effects are now in stock at Main Drag! We've got the complete lineup of these unique new offerings from Roland. Returning to their modular roots, Roland have 4 very different ways to add to your current modular, start a new system, or use as stand-alone tabletop units.

    First up is the Bitrazer, a programmable Crusher effect, which can bring sample rate destruction to anything you put through it, from keys, to guitars to vocals. It features CV/Gate parameter control including sample rate, bit depth, and filter. More details on the purchase page

    Next is the Scooper, which will scatter your signal to the corners of the earth and pull it back together in ways even Wonka wouldn't imagine. CV/Gate parameter control including Scatter depth/type, pitch, and filter make the possibilities endless. For more info and purchase, head to the Scooper's page

    The intriguingly-named Torcido is a whole new take on distortion, with the classic Roland sound. CV/Gate parameter control including distortion amount, tone and tube warmth will bring you options you won't find in any pedal. For more info, head to the Torcido's page

    Last but not least, The Demora is a High-resolution, ultra-smooth delay, with delays from 20ms to 10 seconds. Includes CV/Gate parameter control of delay time, feedback and width. Check it out inside the site

    All of these can be mounted, as 21 HP Eurorack units, or kept free-standing for complete flexibility. Come and have a go on them and you'll be hooked - like everything we have here, you are always welcome to play until you heart is content! And don't forget everything new at Main Drag ships free to any US destination.

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