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  • Thursday, May 18th - Vox Tiny Amp Concert

    Vox Amplification and Main Drag Music present The Tiny Amp Concert featuring Vox's revolutionary NuTube MV50 amp line.

    Join us Thursday, May 18th at 8:00 for a closer look at Vox's ground-breaking new line. Experts will be on hand to explain this amazing new amplification technology and three great local bands: Jessica Ackerley, Overlake and Sic Tic will showcase all three of the MV50 styles on our stage. Beverages will be served and, of course, we'll be offering special discounts on all Vox products.

    Prepare to have everything you thought you knew about guitar amps wiped away by these ultra compact tone-plants!

    See you Thursday, and check out the amazing tones in the meantime!

  • Park and Colby Amps & Cabs - Hand made in NYC


    We're proud to announce the addition of Park and Colby Amps and Cabinets to the Main Drag Family

    As a fan of tone, and a guitar tech for years on the road, I have heard few amps sound as good as these do. Hand-wired from components that are carefully selected to maximize tone, each Park and Colby amp and cab will be a lifelong partner to your guitar, and set ears a flutter wherever you play

    Park P45 Amp


    The sound of a classic British combo with the power and attention to detail that Mitch Colby is known for - click for details

    COLBY MM22/100

    Could be the classic Plexi sound you are looking for. click for details


    We also have on offer the Park 4x12 and 2x12 Cabinets - Click here for details


  • Ashdown Engineering Bass Amps - Now at MDM


    Back in the 90s, Trace Elliot Chief Engineer Mark Gooday decided to strike out on his own and Ashdown Engineering was born. Today their amps camp firmly at the crossroads of British sound and boom for a buck.

    Come down and have a listen, you'll be impressed how much lovely low you get for the price


    For all our Ashdowns, with photos and details, head over to our Amps page

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