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  • Memorial Day - Our traditional BBQ with fun and bargains

    Join us for our traditional Memorial Day free BBQ and Beverages!

    Saturday there will be free hot dogs and burgers fresh off our trusty barbecue (while supplies last) and free beverages all weekend.

    There will be additional fun surprises and bargains to be had for the duration, so pop by and you never know what you'll find.

    See you this weekend!



    We know it has been a tough winter, but we're going all out to try and make it a little easier.

    Starting Friday morning at 11, and lasting until we close Sunday, come in and find everything in the store on sale.  We're taking between 10 and 50 percent off every single item you can get your hands on.

    New brands like Korg, Moog, Ampeg, Gretsch and Ludwig.  Vintage Fender and Gibson Amps and Guitars, Slingerland snares, vintage and new synths, pedals, everything!!!  Nothing is immune from the prices that are nices.

    To spice things up a little, Friday starting at 5, Karl will be rolling out his famous Beer and Brats buffet, with fresh grilled bratwurst, cold beers and cokes for the non-beery types. (while supplies last)

    All Saturday afternoon we'll be keeping the chill away with hot drinks (with a little extra something if you bring ID).

    If you're in the mood to lay down a groove, we'll be giving away a brand new Korg Kaossilator2 to the man woman or child who makes the best loop.  So easy to learn, you'll be loopier than a hula hoop in no time. We'll be having entries from 6-8 Saturday evening, but feel free to come in beforehand and try one out to get some practice in.

    Remember, this is only in store - none of those internet shenanigans apply here - we want to see you face to face and see all we have to offer.

  • Memorial Day Weekend Garage Sale changed to Sunday - boo rain!!

    We're cursing the clouds and shifting to Sunday - same great gear - same fee bbq goodness - just much less wet - come on down!


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