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Friday Glamour

  • Friday Gear Glamour - Korg PS-3100 - on sale and freshly re-invigorated!

    Today's Friday Gear Glamour subject is the Korg PS-3100 - a legend in synth history. Bob Moog called the Korg PS series the best synth for fat sounds. But it isn't just the fat low end - it's everything about the unique sound of this synth that makes it so sought after.

    48-voice polyphony from a 1970s synth - when others had 4, 6 or 8 voices. Every note on the keyboard has a filter to itself - every note has an envelope. Combined with the patchable ins and outs, you'll never run out of sound-shaping possibilities.

    Our example has just had the once-over from our master keyboard tech, Takeshi, so it is ready for years more service. For now, enjoy a few snaps of this mighty titan - we'll get some sounds up as well soon. If you are interested in having a demo, it is here waiting and on our floor, and on our site. - http://www.maindragmusic.com/1970-s-korg-ps-3100.html









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