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    While reshooting the photos of all of the snare drums for the site, I had the chance to get close and personal with every snare in the here.  Expect to see some reduced prices and more accurate descriptions on the site and in the store.  We now have new, nice, crisp, higher-res photos of all of our snares!  A lot can be learned by having a good, close look.   It was a lot of work but worth it, and Karl rolled up his sleeves as well and we got through the pile.


    In looking at all of the cool, as well as a few uncool, new, used, and vintage snares I kept getting stuck on one true weirdo. It may not look like much but the thing is, it sounds amazing!


    Someone with some level of skill and and quite the imagination sourced a phenolic canvas shell, (Maybe cut from some sort of 14" tom?  Pearl did phenolic shells briefly but they were thicker....) and mounted 70's Ludwig Super Sensitive hardware on it. It's a 4-1/2 x 14" shell made from canvas impregnated with phenolic resin (think Bakelite) that's very thin but rigid. It has sharp bearing edges and a shallow snare bed.


    Onto this shell went the Super Sensitive hardware.  Normally these parallel-action strainers are a little fussy for touring, but some folks dig 'em - I fall into that camp, but I'm a terrible gear nerd who doesn't mind the constant fiddling. The lugs are Ludwig Imperial models, and even the stock muffler was installed. The workmanship is really good.


    The sound is much warmer than an aluminum shelled Supraphonic or Super Sensitive. Think of a darker, slightly more choppy sound with some high frequency bite provided by the sharp edges. It's a really cool drum.  But the sad thing is, it's been here forever. And my guess is that people are put off by the combination of it's looks and the strainer. It's worth looking the other way and checking it with your ears instead of your eyes and the inside-the-box thinking that the only good snare is wood or metal.


    If you're in here and try it and love it, let me know and I'll give you a major hook up - I hate to see this drum relegated to sitting around when it actually sounds so good....time for it to go to a good, loving home.  And besides, you'd be the only person to own one!

    Here's a link to it:



  • Distortion 101 with Karl Myers - Both parts up now on our YouTube channel

    Both parts of our Distortion 101 session with Karl are up now on Youtube - enjoy!







  • Two big sessions this week! Distortion 101 and Brushes with Rick Considine! Free!

    Due to last week's postponement, we're going to have two session this week, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. Both absolutely free

    Distortion 101 with Karl Myers - Tuesday, 16th June - 6PM

    We had to delay the distortion (no pun intended - well, maybe not) - but it will be going full force this Tuesday, the 16th at 6pm - in case you missed the last post - all the details are here:


    Brush Technique with Rick Considine - Thursday, June 18th - 6PM

    Rick is both a veteran musician (Diana Krall, Whitney Houston, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Patti Smith, Muddy Waters, David Sanborn, Al Kooper, Michael Brecker, and many others.) and a fantastic teacher, with decades of experience teaching at Berklee and elsewhere. He's bringing his love and knowledge of the instrument to us on Thursday with a master clinic on Brush Technique. Sure to be an eye-opener to both newcomers and grizzled pros, we're incredibly psyched he'll be coming.

    Check out Rick at http://www.rickconsidine.com/

    Remember - both are free - see you here!

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