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  • Main Drag Holiday Gift Ideas

    If you're like me, it's getting close to the holidays and you haven't had time to do any shopping yet for your loved ones. We've got some gift ideas for you! Aside from vintage Fenders and Moog synths, we have lots of awesome smaller items that have been the top picks from our customers this year and make great stocking stuffers. We also ship worldwide so you can send your holiday greetings anywhere!

    Korg mini KAOSS PAD 2 - Palm sized and a great gift for any musician. What is a kaoss pad? It's an effects box that is controlled with a X-Y touch pad. Super expressive, easy to use, and musical. Also check out Korg's kaossilator 2 $159.99

    16511_02Silvertone Guitars - Silvertone was the affordable guitar of the day back then, and they still are! These awesome reissues play as nice as they look, and they sure feel a lot better than the originals. Any guitar player from beginners to seasoned veterans will love to have one of these. We have the whole line in and they are as affordable as they are cool- check out the rest here!


    Skychord Sleep Drone 3 - These unsuspecting noise boxes are hand made in Brooklyn. It features three separate oscillators and is great for making soundscapes, drones, and all kinds of noise. Check out some of Skychord's other products for more crazy sounds. $165.00

    Smokey Amps
    - This is one pack of cigarettes that won't blow smoke. They are just as great novelty pieces as they are amplifiers. Battery powered and portable, the small speaker lets you have amplified sound on-the-go, and hook the "speaker out" to a cabinet and listen to this thing rock like you wouldn't believe it. $29.00

    Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 12.26.12 PM
    Guitar Straps & Accessories - Your bread and butter gift for guitarists and bassists alike. We carry many different brands of awesome hand made guitar straps (Original Fuzz straps pictured above), as well as your day to day accessories such as picks and strings. A useful gift is the best kind of gift.

    Gift Cards
    - Unsure of what to get them? We have gift cards available in-store, online or by phone, give us a call at 718-388-6365 and we can have a gift card mailed out or put under the gift receiver's name in our system. Or visit www.maindragmusic.com/main-drag-gift-card.html to have one instantly sent to them by email.

  • 8 Guitars That Come From Beyond!

    In a world dominated by Les Pauls, Strats and Teles, sometimes the odd is a refreshing change of pace.  Submitted for your approval are 8 fretted visitors from another dimension, a place stuck in space and time....

    1. GOYA P-24

    Sparkling with a midas-sized share of gold, festooned with "ultra-modern" pushbuttons and with a pickguard that looks like the shield from a Cardassian frigate, the Goya P-24 brings a bit of flash to any occasion.  Despite the Iberian moniker, these Goyas are in fact Swedish-made Hagstroms.


    2. Electrical Guitar Company Lucite

    A clear fave in the oddball category, this guitar gets stared at more than a side of beef at a jackal convention. Made with an aluminum neck and lucite body, it can double in a pinch as a softball bat. Plus the company has the most generic name since the Central African Republic gained independence. A surefire winner...


    3. Jay Turser JTX 150

    It's 100 bucks and you can use it as part of your Winger costume next Halloween - what more can you ask for?


    4. 1960s Supro Cadet

    Another inexpensive gem, this one plays much better than it has a right to at this price. It also boasts a pretty decent pickup and the short scale neck is welcome in the smallest closet rehearsal space.


    5. 1981 Gibson "The V"

    No Sci-Fi themed list would be complete without a V. Classic design that almost forces you to get up and play (try playing one on your lap and you'll see). This particular beauty has a nicely figured top and is more than just your average metal weapon. All styles welcome.


    6. 1983 Gibson Moderne

    If Bo Diddley was an astronaut, he would certainly have wedged one of these in his capsule. Super rare (have you seen one in person?), the Moderne is a design from the land of Eisenhower you either love or want to flee from. Either way it's an unusual and wonderful-sounding guitar.


    7. Danelectro Double Neck

    See what happens when you chop the head off a Dano? Two grow back in its place. This is about the lightest strings-to-weight ratio you'll find in the store right now. Felder's lower lumbar probably wishes he had used one of these all those years.


    8. 1960s Eko 500/1

    Hey! Eko è stato fatto in Italia e il più grande produttore di chitarra in Europa, a un certo punto. È coperto in un involucro di vinile che bisogna vedere per credere! (my google translate apologies to any actual Italian speakers)


    There you have it - we have quite a few more guitars that could fit in this category, so keep an eye out for part 2! And please get in touch if you want to try one of these or have any questions at all.

    We now return control of your television.....

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