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  • Earthquaker's new Avalanche Run pedal - available only at Reverb.com!

    The wonderful new EQD Avalanche Run, will only be available through our friends at Reverb.com - to get on the pre-order list head over to reverb by CLICKING HERE

    Tech Specs:

    • Inputs: 2 x 1/4" instrument
    • Outputs: 2 x 1/4" + Expression Out
    • Height: 1.18"
    • Width: 3.7"
    • Depth: 4.7"
    • Max Delay Time: 2 seconds


    • Stereo ins/outs
    • Reverse delay mode
    • Swell delay and reverb mode
    • Tap Tempo with subdivison control
    • Assignable expression control
    • Tails/True Bypass modes
    • Sound-on-sound style looping with adjustable length in tails mode
    • Self-oscillation by holding down tap switch

  • Stompbox Expo 2015 is here!!! Sep 19 and 20th - Free Entry - Huge Discounts - Massive Giveaways!

    It's back!! Come and join us and Deli Magazine this weekend, the 19th and 20th, for our biggest Stompbox Expo ever!

    Bring your guitar or use one of ours as you play with over 200 pedals from 40+ makers at one of our specially set up pedal stations. Win one of the many pedals we are giving away! It's pedal geek heaven and all free of charge to come to.

    There will be 10% plus $15 dollars off the first 40 pedals sold every day, so there's no better time to score the pedal you've been looking for.

    This year's presenters include:

    Amzel Electronics - Analogman - Animal Factory Amps - Atomic Amps + Studio Devil - BearFoot FX - BeatBuddy - Big Ear n.y.c. - Black Cat Pedals - Boss - DigiTech - Eden - Electro Harmonix - Electro-Faustus - Eventide - Henretta - Ibanez - LIC - Line 6 - Main Ace FX - Malekko - MC Systems - Mod Kits DIY - Moog - Neunaber Technology - Old Blood Noise - Outlaw - Effects - Port City Amps - Randall - RAT/ProCo - Red Panda Lab - SmallsoundBigsound - Source Audio Effects - Strymon - T-Rex - TC Electronic - The Schaffer Replica - Tomkat - Tone Bakery - TrueTone - VFE - Walrus Audio - Wampler - Whirlwhind Pedals

    In addition we'll be giving away the following prizes, enter just by showing up and signing up - no purchase necessary!

    Animal Factory Chemical Burn fuzz and an Ozymandias overdrive.
    Amzel Electronics Cheshire Cat.
    Bearfoot FX Little Red Trebler.
    Beat Buddy.
    DigiTech Obscura + Eden Californiwah + Randall Bloq
    LIC Pedals Rangemasters.
    Line 6 DL4 and FM4
    MC Systems CGN Dynamic Delay.
    MOOG MF Chorus and MF Flange
    Red Panda Raster.
    Source Audio Vertigo.
    Strymon BlueSky and Dig
    T-Rex Diva Drive overdrive + FuelTank Chameleon power supply + ToneTrunk Pedalboard
    Tone Bakery Creme Brulee..
    Whirlwind Pedals (Prize to be specified)

    Check back for any additional info and we hope you can be part of it all at this year's Expo!

  • Pedal Swap returns! Wednesday 3/25 6-8pm


    If you've been to a Pedal Swap at MDM, you know how much fun they can be - if not, you're in for a treat!

    Here's the drill, come down Wednesday Evening to Main Drag, bring down any pedals you have laying around that might have overstayed their welcome and swap them with those who have done the same. We'll be serving up some fine beverages and giving away a nifty keen Balls Ballsmaster (http://www.maindragmusic.com/balls-ballsmaster-8696.html) - See you down here!

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