330 WYTHE AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11249 - DIRECTIONS - MON-SAT (12-8) SUNDAY (12-7) - 718 388 6365


  • Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta, Racer X and more) - Free Clinic, Sunday February 1, 2PM - Free prizes from EQD, Ampeg and Mono


    This is going to be a blast - we have Juan Alderete, from The Mars Volta, Deltron 3030, Zavalaz, Racer X and more, coming down this Sunday, Feb 1st, at 2pm to give a free clinic and hand out some juicy prizes courtesy of Earthquaker, Mono and Ampeg.

    You'll see Juan apply his magic touch to the entire range of Earthquaker pedals, and give away the Earthquaker pedal of your choice (if you win that is), He will also be giving away an Ampeg BA108 amp and 4 straps and a case from Mono.

    It will be well worth coming down, and we'll have you out in plenty of time for Sportogeddon

    See you Sunday!



    We have a special treat coming up this Wednesday, July 24th at 6PM

    Our pals at Critter & Guitari are dropping by to host a fun ride through the land of their most colorful products!

    Join us for an hour of delight as the makers make merry with the micro mini mirth machines.

    PLUS!! We're giving away a Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop to one lucky attendee !!!

    This should be a fun one!

  • Recording 101 with Jay Braun - Wednesday July 10th at 6PM


    Get more out of your DIY and studio recordings!

    Compression, phase, and mic placement explained in simple terms, featuring a live drum recording and demonstration of limited miking, eq, reverb, and parallel compression techniques you can do on your own.

    Jay Braun has taught audio production crash-courses at 3rd Ward, Brooklyn and Flux Factory, Queens. Often called to rescue recordings otherwise deemed unfixable, he's mixed tracks for artists ranging from Cat Power to Japanther and has produced many local independent and major-label bands. In the last year his own compositions have been featured in national TV commercials, video games, and film.

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