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Moog makes a den of synths at Rough Trade Brooklyn


Moog has built something very special at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, right above the Main Drag outpost.

An incredible hands-on pavilion of analog pleasure that you can caress, tweak and play to your CV-sotted heart's content


There's some rather serious firepower going on, with racks and racks of Moog analog synths, Moogerfooger pedals, and the new Minifoogers.

There's even a guitar and some drum pads on hand for you to try with the latest Moog gear.


Our Jake is among the crew on hand to guide you over the sawtooth-waved ocean (Jake's rather fond of this setup, and it might be a struggle to get him away from it at the end of the month)


The exhibit runs until the end of the month, so if you are even close to being as big a Moog fan as we are, get down while it's up, and make sure to poke your head in just below where we conveniently have a range of Moog goodies on sale.


It's all at Rough Trade NYC in Williamsburg - see below for directions