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New Weekly Sessions at Main Drag - First up - Drum Tuning with John Fell - Thursday, June 6 at 6pm - Free!


We're going to be having weekly free sessions here at Main Drag. We'll be covering topics from a wide variety that are of interest to our community and making music here. We'll demo products and have workshops, have some pretty cool guests coming in and overall hope to have you over for a good time - and maybe we can all learn something in the process.

First up, next Thursday, the 6th of June at 6pm, our resident guru John Fell will be giving a seminar on the art of drum tuning.

John's going to pass on some wisdom about head selection for the sound you want, different kinds of tuning, muffling and even some playing pointers for getting the sound that you hear in your head for studio or live playing.

Bring a snare if you like, and if there is time, John will spend some time with you after the seminar having a look at it and perhaps showing you an additional thing or two.

This is completely free of charge - all you need to bring is open ears and an inquisitive mind!

See you there!