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    This past Sunday we had the pleasure of hosting Juan Alderete (bass player of The Mars Volta, Zavalaz, Deltron 3030, Racer X) for a free clinic on Earthquaker pedals.  Although we were competing with the SuperSports-Bowl, plenty of Brooklyn locals made it out to see Juan work his magic!

    juan 2

    The store filled up with pedal enthusiasts, curious musicians and local pedal engineers.  Juan was fun mannered and did some impressive work on his Earthquaker mothership; taking basic bass loops and turning them into everything from synth sounding arpeggios to fuzzed out octave licks.  Juan was happy to answer questions about his touring career, past and future projects, pedal technique and how to use Earthquaker to transcend your instrument into something totally unique.

    Juan also had great things to say about the store, which made us proud to call it home.

    I’ve toured the country many times and seen every music store in every city and Main Drag is one of the--if not thee best music store I’ve ever experienced”. –Jaun Alderete

    juan 3

    Juan had the opportunity to give away prizes courtesy of Earthquaker, Mono, and Ampeg.  Congrats to the following for their sweet victory!

                Sean H. Doyle: Winning a brand new Ampeg BA108 Bass Amp.                                                 Joe Bongiorno:  Winning a brand new Earthquaker Pedal of his choice.                                  Nicholas Tordif, Seth Ondracek, Spencer Murphy, Anne Jensen, Steve Shodin and Brooks Wood: winning a plethora of Mono gear!

    The clinic was an all out success and an awesome testament to the supportive community here at Main Drag.  We send out a huge thank you to both Juan and everyone that came out.  We had a blast and were glad to see everyone having a blast as well.  We plan on having many more clinics in the future, now get down here before all these Earthquaker pedals are gone!

    juan 4

  • Free Evans/Pro-Mark Drum Clinic At Main Drag Wednesday Night!


    The perfect sound. Its one of those things that we as musicians relentlessly strive for, and for some, rarely achieve. Luckily, in our quest to achieve tonal Nirvana, technology can level the field a little.  Case in point:  Evans and their ingenious new Level 360 Technology. The premise is simple - a drum head that fits easily over the shell and lays flush with the bearing edge makes for easy tuning and consistent tone. As the name implies, the heads are perfectly round as well, so even if your drum isn't ( i.e. vintage shells ) the head will resonate freely and give you wonderfully natural tone.

    After you've dialed your kit to 11 you're going to need the right tools to finish the job. Enter ProMark and the Select Balance line. Signature sticks are shaped and balanced to work with a particular player's technique. Thanks to ProMark, the rest of us now have the option to have a more rebound focused stick or something with a little more forward weight to help us lay into the skins with ease. Finding the right tools for the job has never been easier!

    Don't believe what I'm telling you? Thats cool, just swing by this Wed, the 30th, at 6pm to get schooled by Dick Markus, Evans and ProMark percussion guru. Along with demos of the new products, they are offering a free drumhead tuning clinic for all you weary tone junkies. Come by, meet some fellow drummers and get your tone game into the big leagues! Refreshments will be served.

  • Dream Rig

    I've been meaning to do a post like this for a while.  Watching this shop change and grow has been a very special experience.  With the ever-changing flow of gear, my role as caretaker to these extraordinary instruments, regrettably, has an expiration date.  They come and they go.

    I thought it was time to start documenting some of these things, so expertly crafted by human hands.

    Enter: John Fell.  You guys might know him more as a top notch dude and drum guru.  He is these things, yes, but also a pretty amazing photographer.  I told him my idea, and he jumped at it.  Within forty five minutes, we pulled gear from the sales floor, set up his photo booth, lit the shot and had the one.  Not a huge amount of time for a formless idea to take physical shape.

    I chose to curate it as a period correct stage setup.  With the exception of the Leedy kit, everything pictured is around ten years apart.

    Personally, I feel if any musician that loves the history and evolution of gear saw these set up on a stage, they would likely lose their shit. This period of musical instruments certainly carries a lot of vibe-weight.  There is something almost mystical about instruments and amplifiers of this era.  I'm certain that anyone who has had the privilege of playing them would agree.

    Moving on, I hope you enjoy this first installment...


    From left to right:

    1963 Fender Reverb Unit, 1966 Fender Esquire, 1964/65 Supro 16-T "Trojan" Amplifier (x 2),1953 Gibson ES-175, Ca. 1941 Leedy Drum Kit in White Marine Pearl, 1966 Fender Bandmaster Amp and matching 212 cabinet, 1967 Hofner 500/1, 1964 Gibson J-160E.

    photo: John Fell

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