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    We are very pleased to announce the latest addition to the Main Drag lineup, Norman Bosworth Fell. He is the first product from the amazing manufacturing duo of our own John Fell and Carissa Spatcher. Availability might be limited, so check back frequently to see if we have him in store. All gifts of vintage snares and 1960s Volvo parts are always appreciated!

    Hip! Hip! Hoorah!!!!

  • DREAM DAYS - APRIL 25th and 26th

    Dream Days is here again! On April 25th and 26th, we'll be expanding our already fat selection of Dream Cymbals and will be offering them at great prices to boot!

    As part of Dream days, reps from Dream will be there as well as special performances by Dream artist Scott Pellegrom, who will perform at 3 and 6pm both days.

    If you have been thinking of adding to your collection, or starting a new Dream setup, this is the ideal opportunity to come down and make that dream come true!

  • 4/20 - ALBIS - 4/22 - ALN (Algis, Lynn & Norman)

    Two fabulous nights of music coming up on out new live stage here at Main Drag - this Thursday, the 20th and this Saturday, the 22nd! As always, 100% free to get in!

    First up is Albis, fronted by Local musician Oscar Rodriguez (Ghost Robot Ninja Bear, Nakatomi Plaza, De La Hoya). They hit at 7:45 and you can get a taste of their music over on bandcamp https://albis.bandcamp.com/album/animals-ep

    Then Saturday there's an evening featuring 3 performers, appearing solo, as a duet and all together.

    We'll be starting at 8:30 with Algis Kizys and Lynn Wright - Algis is well-known for his time in The Swans and as a founder of Of Cabbages and Kings. Lynn is a seasoned guitarist and vocalist with a long list of credits spanning 3 decades.

    Ay 9:30, Norman Westberg, another long-time member of the Swans will be performing solo, featuring his unique brand of atmospheric music. If you haven't caught him live, this is certainly something you won't want to miss.

    At 10:30 the three combine as ALN, and will be playing a set of originals which will leave you filled with wonder and awe!

    Here's a clip from a recent show - check it out and we'll see you Thursday and Saturday!

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