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Champion Leccy The Gett “Pasty Pins #1”



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The Gett is a gnarly, loud Black Russian Big Muff- based fuzz. We've tweaked it a whole bunch, changed a lot of the components and added a bit too. This is a pretty harsh fuzz, well suited to rhythm or bass. We changed the tone stack too none of that Big Muff style scooped mids. It's also very loud. It has 3 knobs: love - volume furz - gain thigh - tone and three switches: fluff - adds some subtle clipping to the top end. bulge - changes the treble half of the tone control sweep adding or cutting body. dunsh - this is where the Gett really comes to life. The dunsh control is a three position switch to add a load more volume, or make your fuzz amp smashingly loud. When you have this engaged, you'll find that you won't be able hear any effect from the fluff control (because your amp is getting belted with a load of frequencies, there's no subtlety here)