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Electro Harmonix Platform Stereo Compressor/Limiter



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-Studio-quality compressor/limiter lets the user precisely tune dynamics regardless of the instrument or situation. -The compressor/limiter includes a full complement of controls: Volume, Attack, Release and Sustain, plus pushbuttons for Hard or Soft Knee and the Limiter. -Foot-switchable overdrive section adds versatility and includes dedicated controls for Volume, Tone and Drive. Together with the compressor it produces a sound that’s saturated, smooth and slippery. -Adjustable Swell function creates bowed, fade in and reverse effects. -True stereo operation, can be used as Mono In and Out, Mono In and Stereo Out, or Stereo In and Stereo Out. -Features a three color, eight LED compression meter that displays the compressor’s actual gain reduction in real-time. -Stereo buffered bypass that’s great for keeping your signal pristine with multiple pedal setups and long cable runs. -Comes with an EHX9.6DC-200mA power supply.