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Ca. 1820 Double Bass 3/4 Flatback


An amazing, almost 200 year old (!!) instrument. For the last 16 years it has been owned by a working musican. He bought it from Abbey Strings in Chicago where it had just been restored by Martin Sheridan. It is believed to be from approxiametly 1820 and made in America by a German luthier. The body is mostly original, except of course for the patches. The Fingerboard, bridge, tailpiece and endpin are new, making it a bit of a best of both worlds scenario. The current owner has found it to be very stable and it has required relatively little maintainance while he's had it. It's voicing is well suited for jazz as well as classical. It comes with a bow and a gig bag, has a pick-up installed and is ready to play! More pictures available upon request.