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Analog Man Peppermint Fuzz



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60s Style Nasty Fuzz
  • True bypass on both sides
  • No Power jack or LED as these are detrimental to the ultimate fuzz in sound and battery life
  • For best sound, this effect should not have any buffers or non-true bypass effects between it and the guitar.
  • Strong, High quality custom aluminum+steel box

There were some nasty, buzzy fuzz pedals made in the mid 1960s. Some best examples are the Mosrite Fuzzrite, Maestro Fuzz Tone, Jordan Bosstone, Kay fuzz, etc. The Peppermint Fuzz uses super high gain Germanium transistors to feature this sound. It can also be used for some later punk rock sounds like the Stooges, and can do a decent late 60s Fuzzface sound if dialed in properly, and can even get very close to the oldest 2 knob TONE BENDER pedals (MK-I and MK-II).

Analog Man Peppermint Fuzz