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Balls Ballsmaster



Bigger Balls are to be had with the Ballsmaster

The Ballsmaster is a high quality replica of the original Dallas Rangemaster, with a few added tweaks. What is a Rangemaster? Oh man….have you heard any recordings from any 1960′s or 70′s British rock bands? There’s probably one of them on all of the guitar tracks. At the time players were looking for ways to brighten up their dark British valve amps, and Dallas Arbiter developed the Rangemaster. It was a booster, which helps overdrive your amp, but it was also a TREBLE booster. That means that it boosts your high notes more than your low notes, which as you can imagine is great for ripping sustain-rich solos. The originals weren’t even pedals, they were little boxes that sat on your amp and pretty much stayed on all the time.

So what are the tweaks? Well for one, its been taken off the amp and aimed at the floor, with a footswitch to turn it on and off. In addition, i’ve added a Range control to take you from the original treble-booster (all the way to the left) to full-boost and bass boost as you go to the right. The full-boost into a Marshall-type circuit nails the Iommi sound, too, and I just could not be more pleased with these.

The Ballsmaster uses a single germanium AC176 transistor, each hand selected for appropriate gain range and leakage and tested in the circuit before chosen. Battery power or 9VDC (center negative) power jack.


Balls Ballsmaster