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Balls Buzz Balls



Nu-Fuzz inspired

Tony Balls on the Buzz Balls “The buzz balls is my tweaked take on the Rosac Nu-Fuzz of yesteryear. Its a nasty, buzzy little monster perfected for all the riffs you can throw at it. The fuzz control on this one is set at a fixed level and a “shape” control takes you from bumble-bee buzz to a thick and chewy low growl. There’s a slight bit of gate to the sound so it provides great separation between notes when you want a choppier sound. In addition to the straight up fuzztones this one has a lot of extra boost with it, so you can you can mix and match with a boosted amp to bring new fuzzy dimensions to light.”

”Built with Vishay/Sprague film capacitors, Vishay/BC electrolytics, Xicon carbon film resistors, Carling foot switches, and topped off with a pair Davies dakaware chicken head knobs.”

Balls Buzz Balls