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Heavy Electronics Ascend



  • Standard 9V adapter capability
  • Hand signed and numbered
  • True-bypass switching
  • Bypassable tone control

The Ascend by Heavy Electronics makes an excellent example of a simple boost pedal with a high quality filter.

Although the Ascend only has two knobs (volume and tone) the volume knob has an immense amount of variety. The bypassable tone knob allows more options than your standard volume/tone boost layout. The user can choose whether to filter and or tweak the boost using the volume and tone together—or engage the “Tone Bypass” using the boost at it’s full volume range. All you have to do is rotate the tone knob all the way down and the knob will click into bypass mode. Ascend and customers describe the boost as transparent, clear and powerful. With it’s strong and concise low end, the Ascend lends itself to break up amplifiers organically and maximize reverb tank textures. Match that with a buffer circuit for better impedance reaction and you’ll be happy with this chain addition.

Heavy Electronics Ascend