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SolidGoldFX Stutter-Lite MK II



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Super Tremolo Pedal

Historically, amps contain two effects at the most: Tremolo and reverb. After the rise of digital everything in the ‘80s, guitarists found a lot to like about “old tech.” Tremolo wasn’t spared in this rediscovery phase, and the overwhelming consensus is that amp tremolo is the undisputed champ of trem tone, and so a true amp tremolo pedal is as good as it gets.

Our Stutter Lite harnesses the power of old-school trem wobble and delivers the most amp-like trem pedal on the market. It’s just like amp tremolo in function too—there are no frills, just great sounds, ease of use and usability in any position right out of the box.

Part of this is due to the completely analog, discrete JFET-equipped audio path for tube-like trem tone without all the glowing glass and persnickety circuitry.

The Stutter Lite gives you everything you could want in an amp tremolo pedal and absolutely nothing you don’t—Rate and Depth knobs come standard complete with wide-ranging sweeps for syrupy crawls to rapid-fire pulses. A mode toggle switches between old-school throb and modern chop for two completely different trem voicings—a must for any amp tremolo pedal. Ever notice that when you step on your amp’s trem footswitch and your volume cuts a bit? The Stutter Lite combats this by offering a Level control that gives you more than enough volume on tap—presto, no more volume drop.