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1966 Gibson ES335 conversion to 345

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An interesting conversion from an ES335 to an ES345. Someone had installed a vari-tone and then removed it. The hole is filled and touched up. All parts have been changed over to gold parts and an older Bigsby was installed. The tuners are single ring double line Klusons. The pickups are original patten sticker pickups with covers off then back on. The pots date 1966 and the pickup leads were spliced to the wiring harness with shrink tube. Original knobs and pickguard and an original "stereo" truss rod cover was added. The guitar is mono. The wheels for the tune-o-matic may not be original. The frets are in fine shape and plays great. Some wear in the finger board at the first position. Some over spray at the waist above the bass side F hole. Someone wrote a 4 over the 3 so it now reads ES345. In good condition. Call or use our chat feature for an in-hand description. w/hsc