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Brian Beck

Sales/Drum Specialist

I'm Brian Beck, I'm 30, and the top 3 most impulsive purchases that I've made on Amazon.com while at work are as follows: The world's finest stunt kite, a high-quality saddle-bag hiking vest for my pitbull Ginger, and a very powerful flashlight that fits in the palm of your hand. I graduated from the Drummers Collective here in NYC and have been touring and doing session work for the past 12 years. I met my wife while on the road in Pittsburgh, PA and have a misspelled tattoo of "Pittsburg" on my chest. My favorite food is Altoids.


Partner/Drum Repair

John Fell is that rare musician with a deep understanding and love for all aspects of music making. A drummer with decades of pro experience, John knows in minute detail the history of the art of drumming and the instruments that are used to create it. It's why so many top pros and up-and-comers find John the only person they trust to care for their drums. John is also a talented photographer (he took the shots on this page!) and hopes someday to acquire and operate a fleet of vintage submarines.

Patrick Kauffman

Tube Amp Repair

A certified tube savant, Patrick Kauffman has had a love of electronics for as long as he can remember. By the age of eight, he was fixing antique radios. In his teens, he married his two great passions, music and electronics. Growing up in New Jersey, Patrick fell in with the New York scene, cutting school and his TV repair job to repair amps in Brooklyn. Patrick started at Main Drag Music in 2000 after completing his degree in electronics. In his non-amp time, he enjoys drumming, railroading and vintage cars.

Karl Myers


Karl is a founding partner in Main Drag Music. His broad knowledge of musical instruments and music is at the heart of Main drag's operations. Karl also brings his knowledge to our weekly sessions with workshops such as "Distortion 101".



David Schulte is a partner at Main Drag and oversees all the number crunching here.

Jun Takeshita


Jun started building guitars in high school, and went on to learn guitar and electronics repair and guitar building at ESP Musical Academy for 2 years. He worked at one of the largest vintage stores in Tokyo for 3 years. After moving to the US, Jun learned the ropes at several keyboard repair shops before moving to Main Drag, where he has been for a decade. In his free time, Jun has quite the reputation as a guitar player and has a particular fondness for vintage organs.

Luka Usmiani


Luka Sebastian Usmiani grew up in New Jersey and went to school in Westchester, New York. His favorite band is the Beatles and loves playing the bass guitar.

Jon Warran


Jon grew up with vintage guitars and other instruments all around, learning the ins and outs of them as he went. He formalized his fretted obsession when he attended The Galloup School Of Lutherie in Big Rapids Michigan. In addition to working at Main Drag, he builds vintage-style electric guitars.

Norman Westberg

Drum Repair

In addition to being John Fell's right hand man in drum repairs, you can see Norman playing guitar in regular appearances with his world-renowned band, Swans and other major music projects.

Ryan Wisniewski


Ryan comes to us from LA, where he first got involved in music in his 6th Grade symphony, followed by years in various orchestras and marching bands. He currently is broadening his knowledge as a student of the Musicians Institute P.I.T. Program.

Carissa Spatcher

Drum Repair

Carissa was born in Fall River to a family of traveling goat whisperers. Unsatisfied with taming rams, she gained acceptance to the prestigious L’Ecole de Vêtements Conservateurs in Strasbourg, where she earned dual masters degrees in subjects she found no further use for. After serving as Ambassador to Fredonia for 3 years, she landed in Brooklyn, where she has been teaching butter sculpting and doing something drum-repair-related at Main Drag since.